18-20 June 2012

Third International Engineering Systems Symposium

Design and Governance in Engineering Systems

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Check the programme to see the timeline of all sessions (MA = Monday Session A, TA = Tuesday A, WA, et cetera). Or click the session codes behind the papers to get an overview of all papers presented at that time and date.

File Presenter Title Keywords Session
(None) Martin Adler Incident management determinants in reducing freeway obstruction time Incident Duration, Road Management, Transport Economcis WB
(pdf) Datu Buyung Agusdinata Uncovering Regions of System Behavior in Biojet Supply Chain Using a Multi-Actor Approach Aviation biofuels, Decision behavior uncertainty, Multi-actor approach MB
(pdf) Layla AlAbdulkarim Acceptance of Privacy-Sensitive Infrastructure Systems: A Case of Smart Metering in The Netherlands Information security and privacy, smart metering infrastructure, Technology acceptance MB
(pdf) Monique Arkesteijn Real estate portfolio multi criteria decision making Corporate and public real estate management, Game theory, Multi criteria decision making TB
(pdf) L. Andrew Bollinger Resilience of energy infrastructures to climate change climate change, energy, resilience WA
(pdf) L. Andrew Bollinger Improving metal recovery in the global mobile phone metabolism e-waste, metals, recycling WX
(pdf) Martine van den Boomen The Management Game Asset Management Asset Management, Game, Roadmap WA
(pdf) Pieter Bots Designing the design system Design process, Design system, Systems engineering TA
(pdf) Carlo Brancucci Martinez-Anido Impact of variable renewable energy on European cross-border electricity transmission Renewable Energy, Electricity Transmission, Hydro Storage WX
(pdf) Emile Broesterhuizen Sustainability as a procurement criterion for port investments Sustainable Port Development, Infrastructure projects, Procurement, Life Cycle Analysis, Value management, Sustainable management, Contract forms, Innovation TA
(pdf) Kerry Brown An Integrated Approach to Strategic Asset Management Integrated strategic asset management, service delivery planning, knowledge management, organisational management TA
(pdf) Catalin Bucura Shippers and network capacity booking in the Dutch gas market agent-based models, simulation, balancing regime, gas market WX
(pdf) Willem Korthals Altes Investigating Financial feasibility of urban development, and the demand for additional data MA
(pdf) Emile Chappin Modeling Socio-technical Systems with AgentSpring Agent-based, modeling, framework, graph, simulation TA
(pdf) Laurence Chan Real Options for Climate Change Events climate change, extreme events, real options WA
(pdf) Emile Chappin Agent-Based Simulations of Energy Transitions Agent-based modelling, Complex systems, Transition WX
(pdf) Telli van der Lei Modelling the adaptation of infrastructures to prevent the effects of climate change – an overview of existing literature. Climate change adaptation, Infrastructure, Modelling WA
(pdf) Robert Cloutier Graphical CONOPS Development to Enhance Model-Based Systems Engineering CONOPS, Concept of Operations, Model-Based Systems Engineering, MBSE, Concept Engineering WX
(pdf) Elliot Cohen Visualizing the spatiotemporal domain of water resource constraints to urban energy systems. Cross-scale risk assessment, Water-Energy Nexus, water footprint MA
(pdf) Scott Cunningham Policy and Concentration of Activities: The Case of Dutch Nanotechnology collaborations, concentration, nanotechnology TB
(pdf) Scott Cunningham Designing the Design Team: The Fair Division of Project Resources complex products, fair division, project management TA
(pdf) Mo Mansouri Eliminating Network Externality to Analyze Competition and Collaboration for Governance of Transportation Systems: Using Agent-Based Simulation agent-based modeling verification and validation, network industries governance, transportation network externality WB
(pdf) Eric de Deckere Sustainability reporting: just a status report or a valuable instrument to enhance sustainable development of ports Discussion paper TA
(pdf) Neelke Doorn Equity and the ethics of water governance Equity, Ethics, Water governance MA
(pdf) Jan van den Berg Analyzing Inverse Infrastructures using a Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective Inverse infrastructures, self-organization, user-driven, CAS, community networks, Wikipedia, waste paper collection, citizen-driven glass fiber networks WB
(pdf) Sibel Eker Investigating the Effects of Uncertainties Associated with the Unconventional Gas Development on the Dutch Gas Sector Exploratory Modeling and Analysis, Uncertainty, Unconventional gas MA
(pdf) Bert Enserink Real world problems in the classroom education, group work, simulation WX
(pdf) Darryl Farber Cultivating Strategic Imagination in the Next Generation Engineering Systems Transportation Professional leadership, scenario planning, strategic WB
(pdf) Sergey Filipov Cost-reduction as a major driver in traditional technology use. Can outsourcing be replaced by smart manufacturing? ‘smart’ manufacturing, low-cost outsourcing, scenario-analysis TB
(None) Maarten Franssen The hybrid complexity of sociotechnical systems and some consequences for their design complexity, modelling, sociotechnical systems TA
(pdf) Marina van Geenhuizen Diffusion of solar energy conversion and storage technologies in the built environment availability of sustainable energy, multi criteria analysis, solar PV technologies TB
(None) Pieter van Gelder Systems analysis of the New Orleans Flood Defence System, prior to, during and after Hurricane Katrina Discussion Only MB
(pdf) Aliki Georgakaki Towards a Low Carbon Wales: modelling a ‘not-quite-devolved’ energy system low carbon, regional, scenario modelling WA
(pdf) Hamed Ghoddusi Cost of Capital and the Optimal Choice of Technology: The Case of Energy-Climate Scenarios Discussion paper WX
(pdf) Hamed Ghoddusi The Supply Risk and Resilience of Biofuels Scalability metrics, Biofuels, Supply Risk, Resilience TB
(pdf) Paul Grogan Strategic engineering gaming for improved design and interoperability of infrastructure systems Gaming, Infrastructure, Simulation WX
(pdf) Nick Guldemond Critical factors in ‘livings labs’ as a tool to accelerate market introduction of new medical concepts and technology. health care, knowledge commercialization, living labs TB
(None) Alexander de Haan Systems Thinking based approaches: promising, but not easily used. Criticism, Resistance, Systems thinking usage WX
(pdf) Marjolijn Haasnoot Designing Adaptive Policy Pathways for Sustainable Water Management under Uncertainty: Lessons Learned from Two Cases Dynamic adaptive policy pathways, Uncertainty, Water management MA
(pdf) Caner Hamarat Optimal Adaptive Policymaking under Deep Uncertainty? Yes we can! Adaptive policymaking, Exploratory modeling and analysis, Optimization MB
(pdf) Jyri Hanski Assessing the value of water supply networks asset value, outsourcing, water supply network TA
(pdf) S. Haruyama A New Project-Based Curriculum of Design Thinking with System Engineering Techniques design thinking, team-based learning, voice of customers WX
(pdf) Larry Head A Hierarchical Agent-based Simulation for Transportation Planning Agent-Based, Simulation, Transportation WB
(None) Kas Hemmes Synergy in energy: Understanding synergies and integration in energy systems. energy, integration, synergy WX
(pdf) Babak Heydari Modularity and Fractionation in Complex Systems Dynamic Complexity Management, Heterogeneigy, Modularity TA
(pdf) Melinda Hodkiewicz Seeing RED –asset health information for executives asset health, risk, visualisation TA
(pdf) Melinda Hodkiewicz Snakes and Ladders – identifying risks to asset management strategy Asset Management, Education, Strategy WA
(pdf) Junichi Iijima Lessons from 'Disaster Solution Practice' in TokyoTech Course, Disaster, Solution MA
(pdf) Aria Iwasawa Investigating the Surrogate Worth Trade-off Method to Facilitate Technology Selection for New Systems Multi-objective design, Surrogate Worth Tradeoff, Technology selection TB
(pdf) Ellen Jagtman Design for safety: A new service for alarming and informing the population in case of emergency Decision making, Disaster management, History MB
(pdf) Rashmi Jain Application of systems engineering to the public service systems (PSS): identifying areas of concern Systems thinking, public service systems, systems engineering TB
(pdf) Jordan Janeiro Adaptive Collaboration Support Systems: Designing Collaboration Support for Dynamic Environment collaboration support, dynamic environment, engineering systems design TB
(pdf) Martijn de Jong Open water ports - a sustainable design approach port layout design, wave sheltering, breakwaters, innovative mooring techniques, innovative container cranes, minimising coastal impacts, sustainability TA
(pdf) Geerten van de Kaa Standards battles for complex systems: the influence of interorganizational networks and standard flexibility on standard success flexibility, networks, standards WB
(pdf) J. Kasmire Diffusion: Key to Horticulture Innovation Systems Diffusion, Evolution, Innovation TA
(pdf) Joseph Kasser Complex problems need complex solutions complex problems, problem solving, systems thinking WB
(pdf) Aleh Kliatsko A bottom-up approach on human activity system (HAS) modeling energy usage system, human activity system, systems modeling approach TB
(pdf) Bram Klievink Enhancing business and government interactions in global trade Global IT infrastructure, data pipeline, international trade, public-private governance TA
(pdf) Erwin van der Krabben Financial models for spatial development: theoretic framework and international comparison MB
(pdf) Otto Kroesen Capacities and governance in Africa: lessons in technology transfer Civil society, Cultural transition, Technology transfer WB
(pdf) Joanneke H.J. Kruijsen The Fourth ‘P’ of Sustainable Practice Sustainable development, Science, Society, Policy, Change management MA
(pdf) Jan Kwakkel Blue limits of the Blue Planet: an exploratory analysis of safe operating spaces for human water use under deep uncertainty deep uncertainty, Earth System, Exploratory Modeling and Analysis MB
(pdf) Kerry Brown Integrated Strategic Asset Management: Frameworks and Dimensions Maturity model, indicators, operationalisation, governance TB
(pdf) Andreas Ligtvoet Factors supporting cooperation in district heat networks in the Netherlands case studies, cooperation, district heating TA
(pdf) Peter Paul van Loon The urban decision room - A multi actor design engineering simulation system Game theory, multi actor design and decision makin, operational systems WX
(pdf) Nienke Maas Modeling as knowledge brokerage instruments Knowledge Brokerage Instruments, Adaptive Management, Climate Change, Infrastructure Systems WA
(pdf) Tom Heaps-Nelson The Historical Roots of the Field of Engineering Systems citation analysis, engineering education, historical analysis MB
(pdf) Silvia Malpezzi An integrated framework for infomobility infomobility, integration, sustainability WB
(pdf) Carlo Brancucci Martinez-Anido Impact of variable renewable energy on European cross-border electricity transmission. Electricity Transmission, Hydro Storage, Renewable Energy WA
(pdf) Igor Mayer Integrated, Ecosystem-based Marine Spatial Planning: First Results from International Simulation-Game Experiment Marine Spatial Planning, Marine Ecosystems, Integrated Planning, Simulation-game, Serious Game, Modeling, Science-policy Interface, Evaluation WX
(pdf) Mary McGeoch Current Issues in Complex Physical Engineering Assets: An Analysis of Major Capital Works, Major Road Projects and Prison Accommodation Complex physical assets, engineering, asset management, infrastructure, audits TB
(pdf) Sebastiaan Meijer The power of sponges Gaming simulation, traffic control, process innovation, fidelity WA
(pdf) Jop van den Hoogen Deciding on Innovation at a Railway Network Operator: A Grounded Theory Approach decision making, innovation, railways WB
(pdf) Daniel Hastings Increasing Survivability and Robustness Through Pliability Changeability, Survivability, Systems of Systems MA
(pdf) Iman Mohammed Speeding up energy transitions: gaming towards sustainability in the Dutch built environment built environment, energy transition, gaming WA
(pdf) Yaniv Mordecai Integrating risk modeling into system design and configuration with OPM OPM, Risk Modeling, Robust Systems Design TA
(pdf) Joel Moses Analogy between generic architectures of complex systems and phases of matter architectures, complex systems, phases of matter MB
(pdf) Junichi Iijima Interorganizational Architecture in Recovery Process from Earthquake in Japan Disaster Management, DEMO, Emergency Response, Interaction Model, Earthquake MA
(pdf) Harry Bouwman Governance of smart living service platforms: state-of-the-art and the need for collective action Collective Action, Service Platform, Smart homes WB
(None) Igor Nikolic Agent Based modeling and Complex Adaptive Systems in teaching Systems Engineering students agent based modeling, complexity, socio-technical system WX
(pdf) Masaki Nishimori Optimal policy design for disaster-hit area of Japan: bottom-up systems analysis of special zone for reconstruction by the ISDM bottom-up systems approach, interactive social design model, policy design MA
(pdf) Toshiki Nishiyama Electric Full Flat Floor Bus's Trial Production and Research of the Spread Strategy in a Public Transportation System Eco-Design, Electric Bus, Universal Design WB
(pdf) Sertac Oruc Game-like Characteristic of Engineering Design Multi Actor Systems, Engineering Design, Game Theory TA
(pdf) Henk Ovink Introduction: NL-planning and the need for open data MA
(None) Ozge Ozdemir Modeling Gas Infrastructure Investments under Uncertainty Discussion Only MA
(pdf) Elisabeth Paté-Cornell Risk Management in game situations: Principal-agent and adversarial examples Risk analysis, game analysis, analytics, principal-agent, counter-insurgency, nuclear counter-proliferation TB
(pdf) Wolter Pieters Preventing system abuse by service composition attack-defense trees, service composition, system abuse MA
(pdf) Hendrik Ploeger 4D Cadastral registration of rights, restrictions and responsibilities MA
(pdf) Hugo Priemus Risk management of a large transport infrastructure project, in practice: the case of the Railway Station Area in Delft infrastructure project, risk management, The Netherlands WA
(None) Erik Pruyt State of Art versus (future) State of Science of integrated risk-capability analysis under deep uncertainty Deep Uncertainty, Exploratory Modeling and Analysis, Integrated Risk-Capability Analysis MA
(None) Jaco Quist Backcasting for sustainability in engineering systems: how to move towards value sensitive design? backcasting, engineering systems, values TA
(pdf) Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez Towards a unified framework for network resilience analysis Mathematical Models, Resilience, Stochastic Optimization MA
(None) Zoe Szajnfarber Architecting for Evolvability: A Study of Technology Transition in Military Communications Discussion Only MB
(pdf) Tiedo Vellinga Multi-functional use of port areas Flexibility, multi-functional use, Maasvlakte 2, balanced score card TA
(pdf) William Rouse Policy flight simulators for transforming large-scale public-private enterprises Enterprise transformation, Modeling & simulation, Public-private enterprises MB
(pdf) Todd Schenk Exploring Policy Systems in Transition: Role-Play Simulation Exercises as Venues for Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue and Learning in the Face of Climate Change climate change adaptation, infrastructure, role-play simulation exercise TA
(pdf) Hans Schevers 4D geo-information tools for spatial development MA
(pdf) Henk Scholten The power of geo-information participatory tools and the possibilities of open data policy for analysing and exploring sustainable urban strategies MB
(None) Stefan Schwietzke Climate impacts of transitioning from coal to natural gas fired electricity generation over time Discussion Only MB
(pdf) Noelle Selin The Earth as an Engineering System: Addressing Sustainability through Science, Technology and Policy governance, sustainability, technology-policy MA
(None) Omar Shafqat A quantitative interactive renovation model for energy usage in multi-family buildings in Sweden. Energy renovation, Energy utilization modeling, systems modeling WX
(pdf) Afreen Siddiqi Complex Sociotechnical Problems for Engineers: Pedagogical Motivation and Experience at the Undergraduate Level engineering education, project-based learning, sociotechnical problems WX
(None) Heinz Stoewer Model based Systems Engineering (MBSE) – Hype or Hip? Discussion Only MB
(pdf) Sola Talabi Advancing Risk Management in Nuclear Power Plant EPC Projects An Empirical Evaluation of Risk Management Practices on Steam Generator Replacement Projects Nuclear, Risk Management, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Project Management, Steam Generators TA
(pdf) Poonam Taneja Role of Flexibility in Sustainable Port Development Flexibility; Sustainability; Sustainable port development; Reusability; long-term planning TA
(pdf) Kien To Alternative urban technologies for future innovative cities: An analytical review alternative urban technology, analytical review, innovative city MA
(pdf) Jessika Trancik Design features and the rate of improvement in energy technologies Discussion paper WX
(None) Vana Tsimopoulou Implications of the Tohoku earthquake tsunami of March 2011 for disaster management in Japan Discussion Only MB
(pdf) Chintan Vaishnav Cyber International Relations as an Integrated System Design Structure Matrix, International Relations, Internet WB
(pdf) Leentje Volker Continued Learning in Asset Management for the Dutch Transport Network organizational growth, maturity model, road infrastructure, asset management maturity TB
(pdf) Olivier de Weck Investigating Relationships and Semantic Sets amongst System Lifecycle Properties (Ilities) Ilities, Semantic Sets, System Lifecycle Properties TB
(pdf) Toshiyuki Yasui Fostering Fukushima’s Future: Grass-Rooted Policy Design in Post-Disaster Japan by Participatory Systems Analysis Co-Creation, Participatory Systems Analysis, Policy Design MB
(pdf) Gönenç Yücel The Actor-Option Framework: A General Framework for Modelling Socio-technical Systems in Transition modelling, socio-technical systems, transitions TA
(pdf) Joris Goos 3D spatial data infrastructure for better spatial development of the Rotterdam harbour and its international accessibility over water and land MB
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